Filmmaker FAQ

To upload feature-length films and TV shows, visit

What are the delivery requirements?

Short films must not exceed a runtime of 40 minutes.

Movie Delivery Guidelines:

Video format: MP4


  • HD: 1920x1080 pixels

  • SD: 720x480 pixels


  • Film only (no bars, slates, website links).

  • Audio: Stereo sound.

(If Available) Trailer Delivery Guidelines:

  • Same format and resolution options as the movie.

  • Content: Trailer only (no advertising, coming soon notices, website links).

  • Closed captions: (.SRT or .VTT format).

  • Subtitles: English subtitles for non-English movies.

  • Keyart/Poster:

    • Format: JPG or PSD

    • Size: 1200x1800 pixels

  • Splash Image:

    • Format: JPG or PSD

    • Size: 1920x1080 pixels (landscape orientation)

  • Production stills: Five (5) high-resolution images, if available.


  • Behind-the-scenes footage.

Upload Instructions:

  • No speed or file size limits.

  • Fill out all fields and upload files using the provided tools.

  • You will be notified upon successful file reception.

Do you accept feature films?

To view or submit feature-length content, visit FlixHouse.

Which platforms will my title be offered on?

FlixHouse® Shorts is currently available online through your favorite web browser.  No app download is required! Simply visit for instant access on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.  

Please note: Data charges may apply when using FlixHouse® Shorts on your mobile device.

Does it cost anything to submit my title to FlixHouse® Shorts?

Submitting your content to FlixHouse® Shorts is entirely free. There are no upfront setup fees or ongoing charges associated with the process.

Do you accept titles from outside the USA?

Our platform is open to creators worldwide.

If I submit my title to FlixHouse® Shorts can I also submit it to another service?

Yes, submitting your title to FlixHouse® Shorts is 100% non-exclusive. FlixHouse® Shorts allows you to retain full ownership and distribution rights for your content, giving you the flexibility to showcase your work on our platform alongside others.

When will my title go live?

Once you upload your delivery materials, your title will undergo a quality check. If everything meets our standards, it will be live within 3-6 hours. In case of any issues, we'll promptly contact you with details and guide you through the necessary corrections. Please note that addressing these issues may slightly delay your title's launch.

Is there a minimum title running time?

No minimum length. Short films must have a maximum length of 40 minutes. 

What media rights do you require?

FlixHouse® Shorts requires Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD) media rights.

Will my title be available to a worldwide audience or only select territories?

Your title will be available worldwide by default. After publishing, we can easily geo-block specific territories as requested.

What is the duration of your standard license agreement?

You (Licensor) and FlixHouse® Shorts (Licensee) both have the right to remove the title at any time. To do so, written notification must be provided to the other party at least 24 hours in advance.

Upon receiving your notice, FlixHouse® Shorts will initiate the removal process, which includes taking down all marketing materials and links associated with the title from our social media platforms.

How do I remove my title?

Remove the title any time by providing 24-hour written notification to FlixHouse® Shorts.

Upon receiving your notice, FlixHouse® Shorts will initiate the removal process, which includes taking down all marketing materials and links associated with the title from our social media platforms.

What language must my title be in?

We welcome content in various languages! To ensure accessibility for a global audience, please note that subtitles in English are encouraged for any title not originally created in English.

Am I required to submit a separate closed caption file for my title?

No, you are not required to submit a separate close caption file. 

What closed captions file format are accepted?

Your closed captions can be submitted in either .VTT or .SRT format.

Am I required to submit actual key art for my title?

While not mandatory, including key art or stills is highly recommended for your film's selection in our weekly Short Film Spotlight. Essentially, key art allows us to "shout about your film" across our social media channels, increasing its visibility and potential audience.

What format and sizes do you accept for artwork?

We accept artwork in .jpg or PSD format, including a Movie Poster (1200x1800 pixels) and a Splash Image (landscape format, 1920x1080 pixels).

Will I be notified when my title goes live?

Yes, you will be promptly notified by email when your title goes live on FlixHouse® Shorts. You can expect to receive this notification within 24 hours after the final approval process.

How much will I be paid?

We compensate creators based on the total viewing hours of their titles. Creators earn $0.003 USD per view. Views are tracked from the moment a viewer starts watching your title until it's finished or stopped. To prevent abuse, we exclude views exceeding 3 streams of the same title by the same account/IP address within a month or those identified as fraudulent/unauthorized. Use the revenue calculator to estimate your potential earnings. 

When will I receive payment?

Currently, you can request to withdraw funds after every $100 USD you earn. We use Wise to transfer funds to filmmakers. Any transfer fees and applicable taxes are deducted.