... Or to Be

Marketa Photo

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The stories of non-meeting. Two people trapped in a triangle of emptiness, fear and loneliness. Dance video as a story of life, as an object. Performers in a dialog with space, sound, light and paper.

Both the dance video and the video installation …Or to Be evolves, shapes and naturally transforms one of the main topics of the piece – space in a dialog with characters, light and sound which are understood as an equal partner in creation. Thanks to that finds a spectator himself in an unusual and unexpected spatial contexts and perceptions.
The original duet is the result of two “solos” of the dance piece involving another area of the dance video as an object.
Presents two people trapped in a triangle of emptiness, fear and loneliness. Two characters transformed as the natural culmination of the original piece into a triangle of space-sound-lights. A caricature of near misses, it is an urgent commentary on our inability to abandon routine stereotypes, relax into hysteria and get at least a little bit closer to one another.
Two characters, each unaware of the other, are connected only by the spectator who sees them together. The audience witnesses this non-meeting, imagining what would transpire if the characters caught sight of one another. The production offers an original take on the oppressive emptiness of the present, experienced against a backdrop of ceaseless communication and the endless accumulation of experiences.
The installation consists of two separate videos which are being simultaneously projected either opposite or next to each other. A spectator experiences two separate stories of non-meeting in one space/room.